Magnolia Strong


  • 1 kg dark lime base
  • 100 g yellow pigment
  • 50 g blue pigment
  • Hand mixer or an electric drill with a mixing head
  • A flat brush (lime-paint brush)
  1. Pour 1.2 l of water into a rounded bowl or a bucket and add 100g of yellow pigment and 50g of blue pigment. Mix the water and the pigment (mechanically). Gradually add 1 kg of lime powder.
  2. Mix the lime powder and the pigmented water using an electric hand mixer or a mixing rod to obtain an even consistency.
  3. Generously apply the lime paint onto the wall. Start by painting a strip of approximately 30 cm wide. Finish the strip using vertical strokes, and make sure to paint it in one go to avoid visible start or stop marks. Use a flat brush (Stoopen & Meeûs lime-paint brush)